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Frequently Asked Questions


I need to discuss in details on how it will work. Please let me know the next steps

Please let us know your contact details through the contact us section; and our Project Manager will connect with you within a day.

What all RPA technology talent you support?

Most of our devs are full stack and are well equipped on all top RPA technologies – UI Path, Pega, Blue Prism, Automation Anywhere, etc. Few developers are specially focussed on specific RPA technology.

I need to understand more on how RPA can help optimize our Business Operations – can you provide free consulting for our Business

Sure, we will be glad to discuss further on your Business pain point and can RPA help. Please drop us a note through the contact us section.

Are the RPA developers really free of cost for the first 2 weeks? What is the catch?

No Catch. No conditions apply. 2 Weeks free to review our talent.

More than a developer, we are looking at a process documentation our of existing operations? Can you help?

Absolutely. In most of our projects this is step 1. We involve Senior Engineers / RPA Analysts for such requirements.

What are the billing rates of developers?

It varies based on experience of developer and longevity of the project. Billing rates for remote developers could vary from $10/hour to $40/hour.

How would billing work?

RPA-Developers is an initiative of DigiClave, Digital Transformation IT Partner Company, incubated by Kadel Labs Pvt Ltd incubator. All billing would be done through above mentioned entity.