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    What is the difference between UiPath vs BluePrism vs Automation Anywhere?

    Girish AmetaAdmin

    Hello @ParasKothari !!

    UiPath,  BluePrism  and  Automation Anywhere, all of them are RPA tools with slightly different functionalities and applications. However the purpose of all of these three tools is same which is to build software robots to reduce the human efforts in making repetitive things automated. Its an era of digital transformation where all these three tools are playing a big rule under the umbrella of RPA.

    Let me point out few differences.

    1. Automation Anywhere requires more programming language than other two.

    2. Automation Anywhere is more script based while other two are visual processing based.

    3. UiPath is more suitable to BPO automation and Citrix automation, whereas blueprism is mainly used for desktop, web based automation.

    4. Automation anywhere is not preferable for large scale robot deployment while blueprism  and UiPath is highly recommended.

    5. UiPath follows orchestrator architecture whereas blueprism and automation anywhere follows client-server architecture.

    These are few important differences i can figured out. Hope it works.





    Dear Girish,

    Thanks a lot for your instant answer for the query ….

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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