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    How to use UiPath Orchestrator to deploy a bot?

    Hi @ParasKothari

    1. Get the “nupkg” file exported from UiPath Studio by clicking publish button in studio.

    2. Search the UiRobot service from your local computer and import the published “nupkg” file.

    3. Get an account on https://platform.uipath.com which is cloud platform of UiPath to deploy and manage the bots.

    4. Go to the orchestrator website and click on the service tab.

    5. Create a robot by clicking on + Sign in robot panel.


    • Add Machine name from the orchestrator setting panel. And Name (You can choose on your own)

    • Domain and username, you have to add from [ Run Command whoami in the command prompt]

    • And the password will be the user password for your computer.

    6. switch to the Environment tab then create one with the name MyENV.

    7. Switch to machine Section from left menu and now you can see the machine which is automatically created by last steps. Now in the right side of the row, you see the three-dot options menu select and click on View option

    8. Then Copy the Machine Key from the Field.

    9. The paste that key into Orchestrator Window on your machine. And click on connect

    10. The Click on Publish in Ui path and publish it now you can see the option for orchestrator in publish window

    11. Now go to the web portal again and go onto the process menu present in left side and create a process by clicking on the + sign. And add the required details.

    Make Sure the Package name will be same that you have published just now and version will be the same. And Environment uses that which we had created earlier.

    12. Now switch to jobs section from the left menu and click on the + sign and create a job by choosing suitable options.

    Choose the process you have just created and the robot you have created earlier

    This step will send a command to your machine which is connected with the orchestrator.

    13. Now you will see that your UI path robot will automatically initiate and run that bot.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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