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    soumya ranisoumya rani

    New job, new platform: Pega. So Pega is being used to host a relief map of ranchers and farmers for a conservation project. A data table can be generated with about 20-22 columns. The developer told me that the export to CSV uses a function exposed by Pega to convert a JSON payload to a .CSV file

    the problem is, empty cells in the data table on the browser have a “-” (the dash symbol) because our client doesn’t want empty data cells. The dashes are not carried over to the .CSV export

    the second problem is that a column that displays that data in quotations is being exported to .CSV with double quotations.

    I have been going over to the code in developer view trying to figure out where and how that data is being exported that particular way but I can’t find the exact string.

    Does anyone else have experience with Pega using a JSON command to export a .CSV file?

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