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    how I can use find children activity in uipath?


    Find children used to get the children of UIelements as its retrieved as a sub elements for example : the children of a drop down list.

    For example we are trying to retrieve the options in a drop down list that contain the governments of Egypt in a web application.

    As its properties :

    • Filter: the string used to specifiy the conditions  that will meet the UiElement
    • Scope: which will be used to choose one of the options to retrieve the result.
      • FIND_CHILDREN: to get children
      • FIND_DESCENDANT: the scope will get the children of the children if it have
      • FIND_PROCESS: it retrieve that datatype of the children
      • FIND_THREAD: retrieve the fixed values of child elements
    • Children: the output of the children of type IEnumerable<UiElement>

    You have to loop through the output of the Find Children activity to get child by child attribute.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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