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    [b]How to configure Azure Virtual Machine for UiPath?[b]


    Hey @mohit It’s a Very easy process. Follow these below mentioned steps.

    1. Open Azure VM with Remote Desktop Connection and download UiPath Studio.

    2. Now search UiRobot.exe in VM and run it.

    3. Open the Orchestrator setting from the setting menu option of the UiRobot window added in the taskbar. And provide a machine name. For machine key log into orchestrator.

    Solution Image

    4. Open the orchestrator using https://platform.uipath.com. Create your account if not available.

    5. Connect the machine to orchestrator as shown in step 5.

    6. Use the machine name to create the machine in UiPath Orchestrator portal. And get a machine from

    the portal itself after creating the robot for the machine. And then Click on Connect.</strong></p>


    • You have to all install all supporting applications which may be used by your bot like Excel, MySQL

    And All.

    • And Always make sure your orchestrator version should be the same as the website orchestrator version.

    Thank You!


    Thank you for brilliant Explanation.

    But I have a doubt in step 6. how to get machine name?

    Thanks in Advance !


    To get the machine name type “whoami” command in Command prompt.

    Like in sample image machine name is:- desktop-hi12s28\monty


    Thank You ! Now It’s working fine. 🙂

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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