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    To download attachments in a mail from a gmail inbox, we need to use Get POP3 Mail Messages activity and we will loop on its output. Inside the loop, we will use the save attachments activity.

    Identify the port and the server of gmail which will be:

    • Port: 995
    • Server:
    • Email: your mail address
    • Password: your mail password
    • Top: the amount of mails you needed to be retrieved
    • Output: which will be array of MailMessages

    We will identify inside the save attachments activity the item which will be of type mail messages and the path you need to save the attachment.

    in reply to: uipath identify column in a datatable #2843

    You can identify column in datatable by using for each row to loop on each row.

    And inside the for each row you can identify the column you need to get by inside the row the name of the column or the zero based index of the column  by using this .Net line : row(“NameOfColumn”).ToString  or row(IndexOfColumnAsIntegerZeroBased).tostring

    As per screenshot below:

    in reply to: uipath json parsing #2729

    Json stands for javascript object notation and its used to exchange a structured data in a text file.

    In order to extract data we need to Deserialize it to get the data from the text file.

    In this example we have a text file written in a Json.

    To deserialize it we need to read the text file using “Read text file” activity.

    FileName: take the path of the text file

    Content: retrieve the text file as an output

    After that step we use the “deserialize Json” activity.

    JsonString: the input of the activity and it’s the variable from the read text file

    JsonObject: the output of the activity and it’s a jsonObject type variable

    After the deserialization we access the Jobject to get the name in the data by using this line of code JsonObject.SelecToken(“name”).tostring and asswign it to a string variable.

    in reply to: how to install and update activity packs in uipath #2725

    You can install and update the packages by clicking on manage packages button in the upper row of Design buttons.

    After opening the manage packages window select the project dependencies to check the pre installed packages and check the notification of the packages which need to update.

    Click on the package you need to update and the windows of update or uninstall will appear on the right of the window you can select the version you need to update to and click update.

    For installing a new package you can search for it by clicking on all packages   button on the left of the window and install it. Or if you have a package as nuget packages locally you can click on settings and add the path of the package to save it

    As you can see in the screenshot below:

    in reply to: get outlook mail messages in uipath #2692

    You can filter the outlook mail messages by using “Get Outlook Mail Messages” activity.

    After dragging and dropping it into your sequence or you flowchart you have to set its properties.

    ⦁ Account: put your emails address.
    ⦁ MailFolder: the folder which you need to retrieve the emails from.
    ⦁ Filter: you can use that field to filter your mail messages by subject, body, date or keyword. There are two ways to filter it: Basic way ex: “[Subject]=’[Movie LIne-Up]’” Or advanced way by using query ex:
    “@SQL=” + “””” + “urn:schemas:httpmail:subject” + “””” + ” like ‘%Uber%'” Or by using if condition with .contains() string function.
    ⦁ MarkAsRead: to check the retrieved messages as read after retrieving them
    ⦁ OnlyUnreadMessages: check it when you need to retrieve only the unread messages
    ⦁ Top: define the number of retrieving emails
    ⦁ Messages: used as an output argument for the retrieved messages of type collection

    After settings the properties, use the for each loop to get each retrieved email and set the properties of the for each to:

    ⦁ TypeArgument:
    ⦁ Values: mails(the output variable from the Get outlook mail activity)

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    @shaivee, Thank you for  helpful information …

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    Hi @shaivee. The query was about finding the options in task creation and detecting that panel too.

    Please help!

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    Dear Girish,

    Thanks a lot for your instant answer for the query ….

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